Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lunar Eclipse from our Texas deck

Holy cow!
The Harvest Moon + Super Moon + Lunar Eclipse combo last night was outstanding!
And we caught it just at the right moment, on a bit of a whim.
Like the first time we saw the Austin bats....just hanging out on a deck and looked up to see a stream of black painting the sky.

We thought the eclipse was going to be later around 11pm/midnight.  But around 9:30pm Central time, Casey walked out on back deck and he immediately knocked on the window for me to come out.  And there she was, all gorgeous in her red she was going to Homecoming or something.

So I grabbed my camera and tripod and snapped as best as I could.
It was hard to grab focus because the moon itself was so dark.  But here you go.  From our Austin, TX backyard.
Canon 60D, 300mm zoom lens, f 5.6, ISO 800
I especially love the little scatter of stars.
Wow.  How vast is our universe.  How small is our own little world.
Another great reminder of the larger picture.

And just like that around 11pm, it was back to white.  It's cool to see the how the moon has rotated in just one hour.
And I hate to sound so silly by simplifying the obvious....but Space is truly amazing and fascinating!  Just like the internet.  And the human heart.  And cotton candy.

Were you able to see the moon last night??
I loved some of the shots floating around from the west coast, where the pink moon was floating in a pale sky of blue.  So cool! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

red + aqua Texas-Day Dress

I never understood the whole Texas Pride thing until we moved here.
I'd always heard about it.
I'd always wondered about it.
Everyone told me everything's bigger in Texas---(which might be true, especially the square mileage of dusty brown land). 
But once you come live here---or even just visit---you get it!
It's not an ego thing, or feeling like it's better than somewhere else.
And it's not because of that pretty brown grass I know you're jealous of below.   Believe me, I miss California grass and ants that don't bite every day.

It's just that Texans really, really love where they live!
And they want everyone to know it! ---and to come join the fun if you want! 
And if not, we'll eat an extra pound of brisket for you. 
Every Friday at my kids' school, after saying the Pledge of allegiance, and the Texas pledge, and having a moment of silence, they sing a version of "The Stars at Night are Big and Bright".  My favorite line is "living is fun in the Texas Sun...clap, clap, clap, at our schoool in Austin!"
Because it is!
We have loved living here in this big land of Texas.  And I've written multiple posts about it here.  There are waterholes for fishing and swimming, football games for cheering, wildflowers for loving, and tons of great food and music for enjoying and date-nighting.    

And I love that my kids get to learn all about Texas at school.  I remember doing a similar thing in California---learning about the history, early settlers, the California Missions....and then making our own 3D mission from sugar cubes and cardboard.  Please tell me they still do that in school....

So for Clara's first "Texas Day" at preschool I gave her my own little version of Texas:

This is a variation on the First Day Dress, which I never seem to get tired of.  There are so many ways to mix it up!  I often think I should put together an "add-ons" package to go with the pattern....with more sleeve options, collars, etc.  Yay? Nay?

Changes I made to this version:
• front and back necklines are cut lower.
• puff sleeves with bias tape binding and elastic strung through the binding.
• gathered skirt, rather than the circle skirt included in the pattern.
• back ties, rather than button closure.

Gingham was a little cliche, but who doesn't love a picnic tablecloth on a tiny body?...mixed with aqua and wildflowers?

Then we threw it together with red boots, which I bought at a thrift store years ago, and which she insisted on putting on herself, and which totally fell apart at school so I glue-gunned the sole back to to the boot for our photoshoot.

The best part about the dress: she loves it.
And wears it almost every week to church.

The best compliment this little cowgirl could give me.
Have a great week my friends!

And thank you, thank you for your kind and honest words in the last post.  It's taken me a couple weeks to shake things off and get back in my groove.  So I appreciate your love.

In the words of Tim Riggins,
Texas Forever.