Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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Saturday, May 24, 2014

TUTORIAL: Placemat Bags

This is our last week of school till Summer Break! I really can't believe it. Just like that, Owen is done with Kindergarten, Lucy knows multiplication, Owen can read, and Clara is happy to have her playmates back on the homefront. And with the last days of school, come Thank You gifts for the teachers---who truly, deserve more than just a bag. But every handmade thought counts. And when I walked by the placemat aisle the other day at the store, I paused and realized....those would make really cute bags! Really EASY cute bags. So let's add one more to our TOTE BAG series. Here's what we've made so far (click a photo for detailed steps): We'll use ONE placemat to make a purse-sized bag, with a pocket inside: Then we'll turn TWO placemats into a sturdy beach tote: Whether it's for you to enjoy or to give away as a gift, the summer just got way more colorful. Let's start with the full-sized bag. Here's what you do:  Then fill it with your favorite mag and a towel...and you're off to the pool! Now if you're more a purse-sized gal here's another simple idea: This time around we'll use only one placemat and sew the handles on as one continuous strap. First, decide if you're going to add a pocket inside or just leave it plain. You'll find a very detailed tutorial on pocket totes HERE. And for this project I used a dishtowel for my fabric (from the same placemat aisle at the store). But you can use whatever fabric scraps you have lying around. The best way to position the pocket is to fold the placemat in half to find the center point (which will become the bottom of the bag) and then line up the bottom of your pocket with this center line. Also, make sure the size of the pocket will fit within the space between the straps....otherwise you'll be sewing over the pocket when you sew the straps to the placemat....which will make more sense with the images below. Here's what you do.... And with your pocket is sewn, we're ready to cut the handles and sew the bag. You can always make the handles as long (or as short) as you like, but I find that 24 inches for a handle (meaning JUST the handle part, from one top of the bag to the other top of the bag) is a good standard length. Then you need to add the lengths of your bag sides to get the full measurement of your trim piece. OR, you can simple sew handles separately as we've done in other tutorials here and here. The choice is yours! Here's what you do: Now wrap it up and give your favorite teacher or friend a hug. Schools out! Let the summer begin!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm making more videos....what would you like to see?

I know when I ask for input, you guys are awesome with the when I asked about fabric for the bar stools?!  Holy comments my friends!  Loved it!  Your ideas were super helpful with my decision making process.  And yep! I did choose a fabric, and I bought 9 yards of it, and now I just need a free moment to sew them up and share the final results.  So more to come on that....

But today I'm looking for input on my sewing show--- MADE Everyday, with Dana.
In this first season we shot 9 "episodes".  We've shared 5 so far; there are 4 more to come.
And we're ready to shoot another round so we can keep uploading to the channel throughout the year.

I'd love to know what projects you'd like to see?  It can be a MADE classic or something new!
(above: Baby Doll Basket PatternKID Shorts PatternDiaper Cover free pattern and tutorialBaby Tank free pattern and tutorial)

And some of you have asked how we're creating these videos.  Am I shooting, and editing them myself?  And while I do have a background in TV production, the answer is: outsourcing.  It's a beautiful thing!  We hired a production company to create the exact look I was going for and they've done a fantastic job capturing the MADE vibe--at least I hope that's how you feel watching them, because these videos are for YOU.  I want you to enjoy watching them as much I enjoy making them.
If you have a moment consider the following questions and leave a comment below if you'd like.
• What projects would you like to see?
• Would you like more basics, like how to use a sewing machine? and how to use a serger?
• Do you wish the videos were longer? shorter? or you like the length?
• Do you wish Justin Timberlake would dance on the cutting table while I sewed?  Yea me too.  But I'm not Jimmy Fallon.
• Anything else you've been dying to tell me??

I'm all ears!...and double-layered skirts.

Okay, break.
Thanks as always for tuning in!
You guys make the adventure exciting.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

let's sew together

Do you ever think back to some of the first blogs you started to follow?  And how they inspired you to try new things and push yourself? 
Six years ago I landed on the blog CAKIES and totally fell in love with the world of Rubyellen.  Don't you adore her?!....with her fantastic photography, adorable kids, storytelling, true life honesty, and signature style that's all her own.  It's the perfect balance of vintage meets modern. 

Over the years Ruby and I have become blogging friends.  And guess what?....she's just as genuine and bubbly as she is on her site....and most of all, she's relatable and down-to-earth.  I love that.  She's a creative mom like many of us, juggling 4 kids, sharing her adventure along the way.  And she still inspires me to improve my own photo-skills and to continually see the artistic display, beyond just the sewing project itself.   

So when Ruby asked if I'd share her new sewing book Let's Sew Together, I was totally flattered and couldn't wait to get my hands on it! Oh man.  It's so cute.

Ready for CAKIES in a book??
It's fantastic!
And it's totally and completely jam-packed.
I mean, there must be over 30 projects for you to sew together, as a family. 
How cool is that?  People are always asking for ways to create with their kids.  I know mine would love this....
The book is broken down into 5 different sections: 
• let's get dressed!
• let's eat! (there are even some fun recipes too)
• let's learn
• let's play
• let's celebrate

What a great way to organize it all.
And each section is filled with Cakie-esque projects that'll make you smile---and want to get your hands moving.
I'm totally in love with these necklaces!  Maybe cause they remind me of one of the first projects I loved on  CAKIES--fabric necklaces here and here. These are just so easy and cute!
Oh and I'm also in love with this:
Rubyellen's 4 daughters are adorable. And they all have unique names.  And they all look like darling molds of each other---which means I have a hard time keeping them straight--- but I'm pretty sure that's Glow.  Glow with piggies. 
If you're looking for a really fun book with projects you will actually make, then you need a copy of Let's Sew Together.  There are even No-sew projects!  She thought of everything.
And I've only skimmed the surface here. I mentioned the 30+ projects right?  Which after writing my own book, I now how much work and effort and hours of missed sleep that is. You can tell that Ruby but her heart and Soul into it (heh heh, and her Brave, and True.  They're all in there)
Are you itching for a copy?
Today we're giving away a book to one lucky winner!
Just leave a comment.  
• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to US residents only.
• ONE winner will be picked via
• Giveaway ends Friday 5/23/14 at 10pm (Central Time)

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sewing and shooting for STYLO issue 2

Have you seen the latest issue of STYLO magazine?It's just as gorgeous as the last one, and I'm thrilled I got to be part of it! 
I've got a couple designs and a tutorial in the issue because, yep, I've got an issue with skirts.  Heh Heh, I can't stop making them!  But there's so much more than just skirts for you browse... 
STYLO is the new fashion-forward eMagazine for children’s sewing!  And this issue has 171 pages of inspiring ideas, all sewn and photographed by bloggers from around the world.  It's simply beautiful.  This photo by Anneliese of Aesthetic Nest might be my favorite:
There are spring looks, colorful styles, darling pixies, even a horse and buggy from Marrakech.
(Pixie photos by I Seam Stressed • Marrakech photos from Sewing in No Man's Land)
...Plus there are all sorts of interesting features and a rundown of where to buy fabric in major cities from LA to Paris to Tokyo! 

And seriously, I've only scratched the surface.
I  don't want to spoil the fun.  So start flipping!