Monday, December 14, 2015

sewing + gifting: Zipper Pouches

I'm definitely a creature of habit.  When Casey's out of town, I'll eat the same meal for dinner four nights in a row--till I realize I'm being weird.
And then I just keep doing it till he gets home.  Cause why disrupt things when you're in a good Strawberry Asparagus Salad zone?

And when it comes to sewing gifts, I guess I'm not much different.
Skirts, pillow cases, crib sheets...zipper pouches
I love sewing zipper pouches!
They're so easy, and cute, and yep....they're perfect inside all those tote bags.

So I guess the unpredictable part of the Zipper Pouch gift, is the way you mix it up.
Because I love a good surprise fabric inside.
Like wearing a red bra?
If I ever did that.
Maybe I should....
I love fabrics that coordinate with the outside but make you excited to see what's hiding within.
(this pouch is actually for me.  I couldn't part with it!)

And I also adore a good zipper, with metal teeth, and an interesting pull.  And the color and size of the zipper often determines which fabric I will use.
Who knew there could be such analysis of zipper pouches?

I buy most of my zippers here and here.
In fact a bundle of zippers makes a really fun gift.  I gave some to one of Lucy's friends who's gotten into sewing.
I just stuffed them in a little zipper pouch.  Done!
Because the stuffing and gifting is also the fun part.
And there are so many fantastic things to stuff inside!---handmade bias tape, piping, candy, fruit, recipes, jewelry, note cards.
I made this striped pouch for a good photography friend who doesn't sew much. So I thought these sample swatches would be an easy way for her to get crafty and make a garland.
And of course there's my favorite Wonder Clips.
Perfect for any sewing friend. 

And if you're feeling extra punchy, tie some vinyl or a pom pom on the end.  It will only make you happy.

Ready to make gifts?
Here's the video again to get you going: