Monday, August 23, 2010

When it comes to books that my kids and I enjoy together, they usually have two things in common: interesting artwork and rhythmic tone. The sing-songy words help my kids remember (and usually memorize) the story. And the artwork is to keep my interest. I'm a sucker for clever illustrations and especially, cute clothing.
With such a variety of kids' books out there, it's hard to say which story in this stack is my favorite. Curious George artwork is timeless and classic.
Yummy Yucky is a favorite with very young kids. The colors are vibrant and rich.
This funny book called The Pop-up Mice of Mr. Brice keeps my kids entertained with 3-D art and interactive "pull here" tabs. The cute British names and rhyming words are an added bonus.
And no one at our house seems to grow tired of the series, If You Give A Mouse a Cookie.
All of these books are clever and cute.

But there's one that's been clinging to me lately. It's short, sweet, simple, and well, the kids clothes are retro cute.
The book is Put Me In the Zoo by Robert Lopshire.
Every time I read it, I can't stop staring at the little girl's darling yellow dress. It's '60s perfect. And with little boy blue at her side, the children are like a mirror image of my own two kiddos. Maybe that's why I like it so much.
So what could I do but make them little outfits like those in the book? It was too much fun.
The real version of the book is much longer but with little kids, the chunky cardboard-book variety are great; short and indestructable.
The story is about an animal with color-changing spots. And all he wants is to be in Zoo.
He wants to show off his tricks and impress the zoo-going folks. We all want to be accepted and loved for our talents. But his dreams are quickly shot down...
Discouraged and confused, he spends the rest of the book showing the kids the cool tricks he can do; the colors he can become.
And the kids love it. They start to cheer him on,
with encouraging words and excitement.
and eventually they tell him that he's going about it all wrong. The zoo will never appreciate his spectrum of talents.
(this is where both my kids yell out, in unison), "the circus is the place for you!"
He couldn't agree more.
A simple message, with simply cute illustrations.
And that's a little slice of book life from our house to yours. Thank you Odeedoh for inviting us to share along!

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