Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Bloom! And thank you for having me. It always feels like home when I stop by your lovely blog. And if I had to finish the phrase "home is____" I could probably come up with 100 fill in the blanks, depending on the day and my mood. So I'll try to dig deeper here.

For a mom that loves to sew and be creative, I have a confession: I do not like doing crafts with my kids. There, I've said it. And it's true. I hate setting everything up, breaking up petty fights, watching the mess get everywhere, and then cleaning it all up 10 minutes later when the kids are bored with the project. That's what preschool is for right? That being said, there are times I feel guilty for not doing more craft projects with my kids. We moms can be hard on ourselves. So whenever I start to feel like me and the kids need more one-on-one time, this is our cure-all medicine:
It works every time. I know it sounds so simple and obvious. But we all have fun and for some reason, I can easily do this for an hour over some of the other kid-activities Lucy requests.

It usually starts in the afternoon when someone wakes up from a nap and mom walks away from the computer.
Before Owen was born, it was just me and Lucy acting silly on the bed. But with two monkeys now, the laughter is more contagious and lively.
The kids jump on my Queen-size bed, we laugh, they sing songs, they say silly things,
they get tickled, we shout "timber!" and watch each other fall down like trees, and at some point,
everyone tires out.
And then they request silly faces.
It's so much fun and actually, relaxing. And I feel like a better a mom because I acted like a kid with my kids, in a way that was actually interesting for all of us.
So to phrase the saying properly, on many afternoons at our place, "home is: monkeys jumping on the bed."
I'm so blessed that these monkeys are mine.

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