Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A while ago I accidentally got bleach on my favorite T-shirt.
And some of you recommended that I bleach it out.
So I finally did.
And I love it!
And I love the 80s.
And the 80s are back.
So I made some for the kids too.
And now everything is totally rad and awesome over here.
This is super easy to do.
It's the inverse of tie-dyeing.
The details....
• This isn't truly "acid" washed; just laundry bleach.   Acid sounds cooler though, right?
• Don't dilute the bleach.  Pour it into a spray bottle and label the bottle so no one mistakes it for water.
• I highly recommend goggles, gloves, working in a ventilated area (open a door or window), and taking a break periodically for a breath of fresh air in the other room.  The fumes are strong and can make your eyes burn a bit without goggles.  I bleached my first shirt with bare hands, eyes, and mouth.  And had a headache for the next 1/2 hour.   Then I covered up.  Big improvement.  Safety first!
• Do NOT wet the fabric before spraying (tried it).  This will dilute the bleach and spread it too evenly, rather than making it blotchy.
• Vary your sprays with the spray bottle lid---from wide sprays to small direct sprays.
• Don't over-bleach or the shirt will simply look like a new color, rather than textured looking.
• It takes about a minute for the color to pull up.
• Bleach spraying works on knits and wovens, but I found that knits worked better for me.  And I haven't tried it anything other than cotton but I imagine it would work with synthetic fibers too.

Most importantly....have fun experimenting!
Cause every shirt is totally different.
Just like these munchkins.
It's an adventure to see which colors pop up.

(I promise he's really a goofball.) 
(This was his "serious" face.)

This is more like it.
Shaking trees, dragging his sister along...
Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!

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