Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does it feel like Halloween's lasted for months?
Sorry to the international readers who are more than over it and ready to unsubscribe. This is the final post!

I couldn't wrap it up without something for little Clara.
Well, a token photo of something for her that is.
I'm not big on costumes for kids who can't walk yet because they usually end up sleeping through it all or being held in the baby carrier.  So I didn't sweat any sewing time here.  It's all thrifted! 

Two years ago I bought this cute homemade Little Red Riding Hood cape and hat for $1.  I knew it would payoff one day.  The cape fits perfectly!  The Granny? hat is too huge.  And the dress is my favorite from Lucy's hand-me-down (from GAP, bought on ebay). 
We threw it all together, nixed the hat, took some photos, and the kids were happy.  I think they wanted Clara to feel like she was part of the fun.
Then because she looked so cute, we had to try it with a headband too....
 and chubby jeggings.
And finally Halloween arrived!  You would have thought it was Christmas for my kids.  Lucy almost couldn't sleep the night before, thinking about wearing her Sleeping Beauty dress to the school parade.  Yesterday evening I packed up our costume and dinner goods in the cutest recycled grocery bag from H.E.B.
 (leaving room for the important stuff)
 and we headed to my friend Katherine's neighborhood for dinner and trick-or-treating.
Baby mamas.
Clara and Charlotte are 6 months apart.  What a difference! 
 Cheesy pigs in a blanket.  Mmmmm. My fav.
 And just like that the sun rose and set on Halloween (via instagram @danamadeit)
Till next year!

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