Friday, December 6, 2013

TUTORIAL: Wrapping Paper Tags with FREE Printable shapes

Tis the season to be Merry!
And among the wrapping and presents and bows are some of my favorite trims: the tags.
On Christmases past---when feeling lazy---I've written the kids' names right on top of the wrapping paper and called it good.  But this year, I'm making tags ahead of time!  So I'm all ready to go!   
And guess what, these are really simple and don't take much time.

They're the grown-up version of the cheap wrapping paper tags you made as a know, where you cut a rectangle from the same paper used for wrapping the gift, then folded it in half and taped it to the gift?

Well we're still using wrapping paper.  We'll just classy it up a bit.
I've got 20 sheets of black + white shapes for you to download HERE and then print to your home computer.
Check the 1-inch marker to see that you've printed properly.
The shapes come in two sets:
• With TO and FROM printed on the back.
• Plain and simple so you can write what you'd like on the back!
So print your shapes and grab your favorite wrapping paper (just another excuse to buy more, right?)
Then turn on your favorite Christmas tunes or movie.  I've been listening to David Ian's Vintage Christmas albums and absolutely love both.  Plus he's got a really cute video that'll put you in the tag-making mood.
Okay.  Here's what you do:
You can tie the tag directly to the gift or tape it to a box.
OR, attach a bit of twine at the top for another pop of color.
• You can print the templates to standard paper weight or to cardstock. Both work great.  I made all of these with standard white paper.  If you can't print to cardstock at home, send the pdf document to Staples or Office Depot and they can print for you for little cost. 
• Make sure you glue to the BACK side of the shape templates.  And glue all the way to the edges of the shape so the wrapping paper adheres well.
• When you cut out the shapes, try not to leave any black lines behind.
• It will take a few minutes for the glue to fully dry.
• If your tags start to curl, gently roll them back in the other direction.

Of course the beauty of some wrapping paper is that it's filled with cute designs and illustrations.  So if you have a paper with fun printed shapes and characters, use those to create tags!....
Just write a little message on the back and you're ready to gift.
OR, give the tags as gifts themselves!
I love it when my friends send fun trims, ribbons, twine, cute things like that.  So package up a set of tags in a cello bag and gift it along with a roll of wrapping paper.  How fun would that be?
Happy gift-giving!
 May it all be merry and bright.

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