Thursday, February 6, 2014

TUTORIAL: Bowlicious Valentines

Feeling sparkly?
Feeling girly?
Then you'll fit right in on Valentine's Day.  Cause you're....BOWlicious!
I mean, you BOW me away.
You're bow cute?
I bow-lieve in you!  (and I'm hair for you)
No bow-logna!
Call the bolice.
Why are Valentine's so cheesily fun??
It's the only time I can get away with the dumbest one-liners and my (almost) 8-year thinks I'm fantastic.
Come be fantastic with us!  Let's make Valentines!
Here's what you do.....

Download and Print our free Bowlicious Valentines HERE.  
This is a 12-page pdf document with different sayings and color options. 

You can print in color, or print the Black and White pages and let your child color in the rest.
• They work best printed on Cardstock (rather than paper)
• I prefer sending the document to Office Depot so they can print for me on their nice machines.  I print to their heaviest cardstock, which has a semi-gloss finish on the front and back (the cardstock they use for business cards)
• If you only want to print one of the styles---open the document, open the thumbnail view, and delete the pages you don't want, and resave.  Then send to your print shop and print multiple copies.
• Do not "scale" the settings when you print, unless you'd like the valentine's to print smaller.

When your valentines are printed....

Find or make hair bows.
I found all of these at Target and Forever 21.
If you can't find hairbows for cheap, you can make them!
Here are a few ideas:
• cut fabric strips (serge the edges if you have a serger), tie it into a bow, thread a bendy clip in the back.
• make simple felt bows and glue a clip to the back.
• use ribbon, washi tape, whatever you have on hand and get creative!

Now combine the two together!
Lucy loved helping with this part.  It was like Christmas cards all over again.
• Personalize the cards with your Valentine's name and who it's from.
• Cut along the dotted line. 
• Cut two slits with a craft knife.  It helps to place a piece of tape on the back of the card at the edges of the slits so the card doesn't tear as you attach the bow.
• Thread the bow through the slits.

And you're done!
Now repeat and repeat and you're ready for the 14th.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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