Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Living in Texas: Happy Fall Ya'll

As much as I love Summer (and seriously, I love it A LOT)....there's really nothing as refreshing as that first, cool Fall morning when you realize shorts are no longer an option.
And you run to the store and buy 5 pairs of jeggings as if the apocalypse is coming.
Dude.  I do that every. year.
Planning ahead is not often my strong suit.

But after a hot Texas summer I'm definitely ready to thrown on a pair of jeans, and start dreaming in Pumpkin again.
I love to pull out the corn bread recipe.  And I scheme over Fall crafts and sewing projects (hey, maybe I'm kind of a planner after all.)

Fall is definitely a welcome friend.
Maybe it's that whole ying-yang of seasons that makes me a little less sad that Summer is coming to a close. 

Of course those cooler temps mean Halloween costumes are right around the corner. 

Along with raking up leaves.
And pretty Harvest Sunsets.
And tangerines.
Oh I love Fall +  Winter citrus.

But what we love best about Fall in Texas, is that the temperature is just perfect.
Going to the park with friends is suddenly pleasant again!

And it's fantastic weather for some Friday Night Lights.  
Or any kind of football.

And it's also the beginning of Fall baseball and soccer.  So as a family we spend plenty of hours outside.
Which means we're also doing this: 

Remember my post about seasonal allergies?
....and how most of our family has them?...and how Flonase contacted me, asking me to share about their product....and coincidentally we were already using it?

Well we still get our Flonase on every morning, with a couple of sprays (for adults) and one spray (for kids).

And I actually learned recently that allergies can be hereditary.  So if you've been using Flonase for yoursefl, it's an excellent idea for your kids to use it too.  And the relief is so pleasant that I kind of look forward to it.
Is that weird?
Just Flonase and you'll understand.

In fact, I'm declaring this Flonase Fall.
So we can enjoy life without wanting to scratch our eyes out.

And spend a lot more time doing this.

I was looking back at old photos for this post, seeing what kind of activities we do in the Fall.  And I couldn't believe how tiny Lucy and Owen were in some of the pics.   

And I got all mom-imental remembering this specific outing.
It was birthday in November.  So we went out for tacos and then we played at the park for an hour, while the kids ran around chasing Casey.  Then they decorated the park bench with the biggest leaves they could find.   It looked so cute.  And though it was just a few years ago, life just seemed simpler...which it was, and it wasn't.

But these are the moments I want to remember.
Happy Fall Ya'll!

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