Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Goodnight Moon

Hello friends!
I'm extremely excited to be part of Once Upon a Thread with you all. When Katy emailed me about participating, it was an instant YES. I wanted to drop everything I was currently working on and start brainstorming. You see ever since creating Put Me In the Zoo outfits for my kids (inspired by the book) I've been itching to sew more literature-inspired clothing. There are just so many great book illustrations out there to draw from--and so many directions to take them in. It seems a shame to not do this more often! So hooray for Katy for organizing it all!
And hooray for all the really cool creations that have been shared so far! It's such a treat to wake up in the morning and find out who the new guest is, what book they're reading, and what spin they've put on it.

For my contribution, I chose a book that my kids are currently into. Lucy loved it when she was three and now Owen has latched on to it. Goodnight Moon is simple and sweet and feels like a lullaby. Without thinking about it, I find myself lowering the volume of my voice as the words and rhythm go on. By the end, I'm almost whispering "goodnight"....in hopes that my own child has fallen asleep. While that's not usually the case, the book soothes us both.
I adore the interior design throughout the book--bold primary colors with touches of antique decor. I'm also a girl who loves her stripes. So it was no surprise that I'd zero in on the curtains above and decide to make this. One pair of striped jammies for my little bunny:
They're made from men's XL t-shirts--with the gold fabric as the base and the green stripes sewn on top. I used a pair of his old pjs as my pattern for new ones.
And voila! By 7pm we're ready for the bedtime routine.
Come gather around and share a book with us.

I give you:
Thank you Katy for the chance to participate! I look forward to the last string of guests!

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