Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding Napkin Flowers

Hello friends, I'm Dana from the site MADE, a spot for creative eye candy and DIY inspiration. I'm happy to pop in here today with a simple wedding-inspired idea--Napkin Flowers.
For years I've admired paper-made know, the Martha Stewart kind that are absolutely amazing, look like they're real flowers, and make you scratch your head wondering, "who has time to make paper flowers for an entire wedding??!"
Well, with this simple version you just might keep your sanity (and pennies!...for other important matters, like a tropical honeymoon).
The concept is nothing new. These are the same tissue paper flowers you made in 2nd grade for Cinco De Mayo and Mother's Day. BUT....when made from party napkins, the flowers take on a life-like form with classy flair. The stiff petals are bendable and easily shaped into gorgeous flowers.
Too bad I wasn't a crafter 8 years ago. My mother would have loved it our floral budget called for 10 packages of napkins and wooden dowels.
Use the flowers as centerpieces for the tables,
Cut the napkins into small petals to sprinkle along the wedding walk.
Turn them into party favors for the guests,
and make sure your man is decked out in napkin as well.
Handmade doesn't need to look cheap, though it can be cheap!
Head over to MADE for the complete Wedding Napkin Flowers Tutorial.

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