Monday, December 3, 2012

9 months

It's been how long since I had a baby?!
I kind of can't believe it.
And I will say that the 9 months out have gone faster than the 9 months in.
And now I have a baby that can stand! (attached to a chair)

Oh Clara.
I love this little girl.
She's lively, happy, overly ticklish (which we all love), and just recently started putting her head on my shoulder for a few seconds at a time.....which for a non-snuggly baby, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
The biggest news this month is that she's mobile!
She crawls!
She does her own strange version of it of course, with the right knee never touching the ground (and I remind myself that the goal is: Walking.  She's gonna be fine)
So it's increasingly impossible to snap a good photo of her.  And she's into everything.  But it's fun to watch her embracing freedom.
She's developing her own opinions about life and cries when it detours on her.  And for the most part she's your typical 3rd child...toted around wherever we go, banished to the picnic blanket while the kids explore the nearby stream... 
sucking on anything and everything,
and really happy when someone stops by to say hi.
Keep it up sweet girl!
We're so lucky we have you.
Here's the 9 month comparison.
The past few months haven't shown much change in her looks.  But the back of her hair is finally filling in.  Woohoo!

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