Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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If I had to choose a favorite neckline it would have to be the boatneck.  It's just so feminine and classic, and looks good on almost anyone.
I've sewn a boatneck for myself, for Clara, for the dolls, and this weekend I sewed two for Lucy!
Specifically, I tried out the new pdf pattern by Wee Muses: The Bateau Neck Top
And today I'm joining her pattern tour and sharing my creations. 
Okay.  I LOVE this pattern.  Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest did such a wonderful job with it.  It's easy to follow, easy to sew, easy to add your own twists.  It's simplicity is what makes it brilliant.  It's just----lovely and cute.
It's a total go-to pattern.  I'll be sewing many more in the future!
And it works for many seasons.
Whether you're headed back to school or still hanging on to summer, there's a bateau waiting for you to sew.
This is one of those "under-an-hour" projects.  You gotta try it.
And if you've never sewn with knits, this is a great place to start. 
First I made a basic top.  It's hard to tell in the phots but the fabric is a soft interlock knit (from Joanns) sprinkled with silver specks   My instinct was to leave it plain, since sparkles are an accessory in themselves. 
But it really needed a little something more---maybe a small bite of polka dots?  Lucy approved.  How many treasures will fit in 2 x 2 inches?
This basic top came together very quickly, since the neckline is simply ironed under and sewn!  Even faster than the casing I used on Clara's.  And the sleeveless version beat them all.  Super quick. 

The tank top was Lucy's idea.  We tried on the green shirt before the sleeves were sewn-on and she asked, ooooh, is this a tank?? That's really cute.  
You're right, we should make it a tank.
And...we should probably add a bow.  A big oversized shoulder bow. 
"Mom! I look just like Lexi!"
Yes, yes.  I can't get away from the bow! 
And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about making doll patterns.  I've just put it on the back burner since so many of you showed interest in the First Day Dress....which is currently in the works.

The sleeveless version is not part of the Bateau Neck pattern instructions but it's pretty just iron the armholes under and sew them in place like you do at the neckline.  My recommendation is to iron and sew them in place before sewing the side seams.  This makes it easier all around.
Then add a big floppy accessory and you're set.
If you've never made a bow I've got a simple tutorial HERE
For this version I used knit fabric.  And the key to the shoulder bow is placement on the shirt.  Don't sew it right ON to the shoulder, but handsew it slightly below the shoulder, so it drapes more over the front of the shirt than the back.
And just like that we've got more school clothes.  Yay!  I love finding patterns and clothes that are a bit more grown-up but still appropriate and playful for kids----so that they still look like kids. 
Okay, want to try out the Bateau Neck Top Pattern??
Today we're giving away TWO copies!

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to anyone!
• TWO winner will be picked via
• Giveaway ends Friday 9/6/13 at 10pm (Central Time)
• Winners will be announced next week

Have a bateau-ish day!

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