Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lucy turns 6

Yesterday our Lucy turned SIX.
I know the past two weeks have gone by quickly....but the past six years? Wow.
She went from being a newborn-Clara-look-alike (or vice versa?) to reading, writing, and jumping rope at school. She's super patient with her brother. She wholeheartedly loves life. And she is a complete ball of energy--rarely stops moving.
With a new baby in the house we took the easy route this year and just had a small family party. I told her that next year we'd do a friend's party again. We took cupcakes to school (using the lowfat cake-mix trick) and spent an evening at Chuck E. Cheese. How lame is that?
She loved it.

And we pulled out the "Being Lucy" DVD that Casey made a couple years, capturing the first few years of her life. Lucy and Owen love watching that thing and it's so much better to have snippets of home videos put together than scrolling through hours and hours of footage.
So in honor of our big Lucy girl, here's a 1 minute video for you (hopefully the music doesn't get shut down).
Jumping Lucy:

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