Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ruffled skirt

On a whim last week I made a birthday skirt for Lucy.
Life's always more fun with a new bouncy skirt....and a cupcake skirt...and cupcakes to eat at school.
This was actually my first time making a tiered/ruffled skirt this way. I've made the Can-can skirt, layered Simple Skirts, the market skirt, Circle skirts, Heirloom skirts (here and here)....but this one was new. It's funny to think how many ways there are to make a skirt.

I was sort of winging it, using one of Lucy's baby skirts as my guide. And I love how it turned out.
Sorry no tutorial here. But I think one is in order.
Layered skirts are just so fun!
And seersucker is the perfect fabric (my obsession continues).
The birthday girl shirt was not made by me.....but good old Target.
(Lucy thought that was funny).
We paired it with leggings and tennis shoes and had the perfect school day outfit for our jumping bean. She's taken to jump roping (or jumping rope?) with her friends. And I've been trying to remember some of the good songs to teach her, "Cinderella dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss a fella"....
But other than that I'm drawing a blank. I should look up more songs online. I'm sure there's a site for them.
I know I don't always follow through on my "I should make a tutorial for this" ideas. But I'm really adding this one to the top of the list, after a slew of baby projects. Because I do have a lot to share; I just need the time to post it.
We'll get there.
Enjoy your Tuesday.
Ours involves milk, sleep, diapers, milk, and probably another trip to Target for that one thing I forgot.

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