Monday, July 9, 2012

I need your Southern Hospitality tips and recommends

Hello again friends!
I'm on a trip, within a trip, sans kids. 
And if you've been following along in Instagram or Twitter (@danawillard) you've already tipped me off to great restaurants and must-see spots.  Thank you!

But I know there are many of you living in the southern belt and I'd love your expert advice. 
If you have any restaurants, destinations, touristy must-sees, or local hang-outs you recommend, please let me know in the comments!

Here's our itinerary:

• Charlotte, NC (finished that leg)
• Charleston, SC (currently there)
• Savannah, GA (headed there today)
• Asheville, NC (meeting with my publisher)
• Atlanta, signing baby!  Hopefully you'll be there.
I'm loving this East coast flavor so far.   Very different from life on the West Coast and big ole Texas.  But I'm taking more showers, eating tons of treats, and taking way too many pictures.
More to come....

Thanks for your help!

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