Thursday, July 26, 2012

more and more circle skirts

With lots of friends having babies, I went crazy and made more of these:
(not babies, just skirts)
I love making baby circle skirts! They're so fast---free pattern download here---a bit addictive, and easy to pair with a onesie.
This time I made a double-layered version (also easy) and it was even more bouncy and girly.
Clara approved.
Some of you have asked about a double-layered circle skirt, so here's what you do.
Start with the basic baby circle skirt tutorial and pattern:
Print off the skirt pattern above, or make your own. Then cut two skirts, cutting the underneath layer about 1 inch longer than the top layer. Just eyeball it, no need to make another precise pattern. If you want the under-layer to hang out extra long, cut it 1 1/2 inches longer....just do what works for you.
• Hem each layer separately.
• Join the two layers together at the top and baste (sew) or serge them together all the way around the top waist.
• Add your elastic and you're done!
(more detailed instructions in the original tutorial)
If you have a little label, throw it on the back.
Also...some of you have asked "how do you keep your sewn line so straight on the elastic? Mine looks wonky in spots..."
Yep. Mine too!
Just do your best. No one will notice when they're looking at how cute the skirt is on your babe.
Then make about 6 more skirts so you have gifts on-hand.
Then pair it with a little onesie, plain or decorated.
And dress it up with a sweater and tights and for church.
This cute business is exhausting.
(ps, these photos were taken a few months ago when Clara was 2 months old. I can't believe how much she's changed! 5 months old now. Time for a new month-by-month comparison).

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