Monday, January 14, 2013

10 months old

If anyone's keeping track, Clara actually turned 11 months old this week, not 10.
I'm behind!
And here's Clara's behind
(she loves playing peek-a-boo on my bed).
But here's a report of the past month.
We. love. Clara. 
She is such a sweet thing and has become a total mama's girl (which I love and hate).  She gives me cute cuddles and rests her head on my shoulder but also does the other typical baby stuff: tugs on my leg while I'm doing dishes and fixing dinner, and gets a worried look on her face when I had her to anyone else.
Except for her sister.
She loves Lucy. And Owen and just giggles when they're around.
Clara loves to swing, loves to crawl, loves to stand for a few seconds at a time, and cruises all over the furniture.
She's graduated to the big bath.  I can only imagine how much she's going to love the pool this summer.
But mostly she loves to have fun.  It's the best when a baby is old enough to be teased and their personality peeks out!
My favorite is to crawl on the floor with her, pretending to chase her, and she laughs and laughs.  Every mom wants to feel like they're the funniest person, right?
And yep. She's started grabbing for my lens.
Can't blame her.
 Here's the 10 month comparison:

Happy 10 months Clara doll.

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