Monday, February 4, 2013

11 Months old

Time for the monthly update.We made it to 11 months!  With two new top teeth!

And we're just two weeks shy of her 1st birthday.
Oh my.
My little baby is growing up!
We've gone from this:
 to this:
 in just 11 short months:
It really is amazing how much they can change in a short period of time.  I knew it with my other kids but this is my first time documenting the progression.  So it's been cool to compare and contrast the growth.
Two big milestones this month....
1 - Cognitive development.  Aside from her personality just blossoming she's beginning to interact with toys and understand very basic cause/effect.  The ball goes in, it comes out at the bottom.   Put the toys in the bucket, then you can take them back out, put the toys back in the bucket, take them out again, and again.  
2 - Standing and (almost) walking! She's so close to walking and can take about 4 steps on her own....which is right on-par with my other kids.  They both walked around a year old.
 But if she really wants to get around she still does her silly 1-legged crawl.  And she's pretty fast at it.
 She loves to get into things,
 searches for food in all the wrong places,
 loves to play and be social,
 and has a current obsession with her tongue.  Must be feeling a new set of teeth coming in.
 All in all she's a typical baby.  Sad at times, goofy at times,
 She even has bad hair days (and LOVES  it when the kids let her "jump" on the trampoline).
 Here's the 11 month comparison:
 Happy almost birthday Clara!
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