Friday, February 22, 2013

I love Lucy

Today my baby girl is 7 years old!
The expression is true: the days are long, the years are fast.  And a fun ride it's been.
She got to be Star Student of the week at school and (though it took waaaay longer to put together than I envisioned....always, right?) we had so much fun looking back through the old pics and making a huge Lucy heart.
But with that same little face and smile

What I love most about Lucy is that she truly loves life.  She finds joy in simple pleasures and creates fun out of anything around her....a spoon at the restaurant, a rock in the dirt?   She's on it.  And she's always in motion, rain or shine. 
She loves her family and friends and would be lost without Owen, and now Clara.
From her autobiography, she says:
I'll add that she's also a peacemaker and an easy going spirit.

And she loves Vanilla cupcakes but knew that most of the kids in her class liked chocolate, so she asked me to make both.  That's Lucy for you.
Happy Lucky 7!  We're blessed to have you in our family!

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