Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One year old

Well in the shuffle of CTB stuff, I forgot to mention that my little baby turned ONE YEAR OLD.  Clara is one!  And I just can't believe it's been an entire year since we drove off to the hospital and a little squishy ball of baby was born.  Life is happening and kids are growing. 
Each of my children have been "good babies".
Well, Owen required a bit more attention which is on par with his personality...he's just more extreme in every emotion, in every direction.  But that's what I love about him.
And third time around, we got our Clara doll. And she has really been a delightful cheerful little girl.  She smiles and smiles and tries to keep up with the big kids.  AND, she's started walking!  It's been bits of the Frankenstein stumble for the past month but just this week she's preferring to walk over crawli and it's so fun to watch her get around!
Most of all I love Clara's little/big personality. 
 She's a bit of a goofball like her brother and loves to giggle and play games.
 She's come a long way in a year.
Little slug:
Happy adventurer:
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Clara is a tenderheart for babies and animals and can't keep her hands off of them.  If there's a puppy in the park she needs to be in his face.  And while Lucy was never a baby doll kind of girl, Clara can't help picking one up and snuggling with it.  So for her birthday (on Feb 9th) we gave Clara her very own doll and she scooped that little thing up. 
Then we broke out the standard birthday cupcakes and let her go at it.
 Timid at first, then went animal style with all mouth, no hands.
Mmmm.  Cupcakes.
 Here's the 12 month comparison:
 Thank you Clara doll for being part of our family!

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