Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quilt Con 2015: That time I finally met Rae...and thoughts on blogging

I am not a quilter.
I know I will get into it one day....when kids are grown up....and I have more spare time....and...yada yada.....okay, that sounds like probably never.
I still remember the first time I opened a Denyse Schmidt quilting book and felt this inner sigh of happiness, and realized---there are people out there making really cool quilts!  MODERN quilts!  The kind with negative space, simple colors, solid colors, and asymmetrical lines.
Even though I'd never sewn a quilt at that point, I felt like someone understood me.
And if modern quilting speaks to you too....did you know there's a whole conference dedicated to Modern Quilting!  It's called Quilt Con.  And this year I decided to check it out!
Because it's held annually in Austin!
Can life get any better??
It can....(keep reading)....

So.  As I seem to do with every conference I attend, I frantically whip up a new business card a few days before the event.  And then print enough copies to be used as coasters in every Chilis across America.
But my publisher had asked if I'd do a book signing of Fabrics A to Z at the conference along with other sewing authors.  Yay!  And since I love meeting people and chatting nerdy sewing stuff together, the whole day just fell into place.
So I grabbed my new cards and a roll of oilcloth.
Cause you never know when you'll need cabana stripes. 
Then I decorated with Dove chocolates.
Cause you always know you'll need chocolate.

And then....the moment I've been waiting for, for years...
Guess who walked up??

Yes friends!
Rae and I finally met in real life!!
I know that probably seems crazy.
Or maybe it doesn't.
But Rae and I have been online friends for about 6 years now.  We've hosted multiple Celebrate the BOY series together.  And we've even talked on the phone a few times.
But we'd never chatted face to face, until this weekend!
And she was just as adorable and down-to-earth, and fun, and all that jazz, as she always been. 
Oh what a joy to finally meet someone I consider a very good friend!  It's like this weird virtual-reality B-list movie come to life.  

You know, blogging has been quite the adventure.
Sometimes I can't believe I've been sharing on this little space for 7 years....because it seems like I just I just posted about that stinkin Shirt Dress, and watched the lightbulb turn on in my husband's head as he started charting blog traffic and growth potential (he's a statistician; he can't help it). 

And then other times it feels like I've been blogging forever. 
And I wonder if I still be blogging in 5 more years?

My brother once asked if I'm going to run out of ideas to blog about.
And like most of's not an ideas's a scarcity of time problem!
There's never enough time to really make, share, and do all the things we want to in life.  And to do them well....which is why I really hope there's a course on furniture building and wood working in the next life. 
Totally signing up for that.
(and probably quilting).

But if I had to pinpoint the single most amazing thing I've gained from blogging, it would have to be a network of friends and peers, and other moms who have similar interests....all around the world.

It's so amazing! all these pretty quilts.
I mean, right?  Gorgeous stuff.  You need to come to Quilt Con.
Things will just jump out at you....
Over the years I've met inspiring women....

Like Nathalie who wrote this amazing post about learning to quilt (and happens to have the most adorable baby girl.  Ah!  So happy I got to see you at Quilt Con Nathalie!)

....and like the talented Melody from Cotton + Steel who's changing the face of modern fabric.
Women who motivate me to dream big and reach the unreachable....and who also remind me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. 
Because success is not measured by how many followers or books or business ventures, or whatever one has attained.  But what matters is how you treat the people around you....and if your kids like being with you and want to share their stories and troubles with you.  It's about being present in the moment.  And about those blasted cake pops....and your husband feeling appreciated.

And it's also about this moment at Quilt Con when Rae and I then met up with Deborah from Whipstitch! Oh Deborah!  I love this lady!...and I've known her just about as long as I've know Rae.  And she wrote this fantastic post about blogging and why people don't comment like they used to, and why that might be?--such an interesting read. 

These ladies are like the first blogging friends I ever had.

And to sit and have lunch with them for 2 hours and exchange ideas was like a dream come true....and a social media overload, as Deborah took a pic of me, taking a pic of Rae, taking a pic of our sushi.
And totally fun.

You made it to the end!
That was one long rambling post which was going to say "Here's a cool quilt.  It's gray and white".
But instead I got all mushy.

So let me close by saying thanks.

We're all just yarn ties in the grand scheme of life.
But when you put us together, we make the sky look like it's raining polka dots.
And that sounds pretty fantastic.
Have a great weekend!

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