Thursday, September 29, 2016

Decorating the Master Bath...and that green chair

I really love our bathroom.
I know that sounds weird to say.  I don't mean the actual toilet part.  But more, the bright white paint, the morning light, and those awesome hot showers that really wake me up.  That's what I love.

In fact some of my best ideas come to me in the shower (TMI?).  Sometimes I even "type" out blog posts in my head!   Now you really know too much about me.  But I'm sure many of you can relate.  We're busy moms, with ten people needing our attention at once, we're making lunches, getting kids to school.  I guess the bathroom is sort of my "home away from home"?
I just savor those few moments of peace and quiet, without any distractions, to clear my head and think through a project.  

The only problem with the bathroom is that it needs a little sprucing up.
Other than the green tile (which I still love) and white cabinets, not much has changed since we built the house.  It's really a blank slate.

So for this post, I'm partnering with HomeGoods to add some decor to my favorite morning spot.  Because who doesn't like shopping there??   It's like a treasure hunt whenever I pop in---something new every time!

HomeGoods asked me to find some items from my local store to make the bathroom feel more "like me".   So with that in mind, I went shopping!

And boom. Straight out of the gates, I found these:
And. I. Love. Them.

I mean, is it possible to get really excited about towels??

I didn't think so, until I saw them....and fell in love....and bought all the towels in the store (sorry local Austinites.  You can blame me for hoarding).   I just love that color combo!  So unique.  Maybe I need more so I can use them as "fabric"---a beach robeChanging pad cover?  A beach cover up?

So when I showed them to Casey (who btw, has been asking me to buy towels forever.  We've had the same ones for a long time and they badly needed to be replaced. So two weeks ago he threw them away to inspire me to buy new ones.  Good move).
Well I asked "aren't these towels fun?!"
"Um.  Yea. They're a little crazy."
And I was like,

"....they're super cool!  And with all that white in the bathroom they're going to look awesome."
"Hey, I just want a towel, so whatever you want is great."

I'll take that as a YES.
He likes them.

And I think that when it comes to decorating, you need to find that one item that inspires you for the room....whether it's the couch in the living room, or a piece of artwork, of in this case---towels!
Hooray! A colorful theme, mixed with lots of white. 

I purchased a few other items from the store too and went home to decorate.

And there you go.
A more lively improvement! 

Hooray for that little bench area between the two sinks.
The bathroom is also one of my favorite spots because it's where Casey and I have many morning conversations...from politics, to religion, to rehashing zombie shows from the night before.  Often while he's shaving I like to sit on that little bench area.  But it's uncomfortable to lean back due to the windowsill.  But no more!
3 pillows for the win.

And, drumroll for Casey....
New towels hung!
Fantastic right??

Aside from those colors, I'm really love the texture too.  What a cool way to do the piling on the towels, in little pods.
Okay I'll stop going on and on about towels.
Instead I'll gloat over yummy soaps and lotions.

Don't you love that at HomeGoods too?  There's always an aisle of amazing sounding (and smelling) bath things.  I'm a big sucker for cute packaging.  And if something says:

then I probably need it.

...along with Mango-Coconut lotion.
This stuff smells like tropical drinks on a private island.
Not exaggerating.
I'll wear it next time I see you.

And finally, just as I was ready to leave the store with my cute bathroom decor, I spotted this:

(ahhhh! Yes!)....which is really what I love about HomeGoods.  You can go there two days in a row and find something new each time.
In fact while prepping this post, I made two trips to HomeGoods, a week apart from each other.  On the first trip I spotted a gorgeous mid-century, navy tweed chair (a bit chunkier than this one), which I thought and thought about buying but decided to wait.  Then on the second trip, this green chair had shown up!  And I snagged it.   It's the perfect color of green with those tiles in the bathroom.

So. now it's hanging out in our master bedroom, which is really just an extension of the bathroom, and the zombie conversations.

Thank you HomeGoods!
I love my spruced up bathroom!
It's amazing how just a few items can liven up a space. 

Are you itching to go shopping now??

Today we're giving away....

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