Thursday, March 1, 2012

look alikes

We've been looking through old photos on the computer and's deja vu to look down at Clara and see that same little face staring up at me---the same one I saw with Lucy and Owen.

It's fair to say: our kids definitely look a lot alike.
I think Clara looks most like Owen, with Lucy's eyes.
But I'll let you be the judge.
Guess who?
(it's probably pretty easy)
And we're kicking ourselves for not taking a photo like this of Clara in the classic hospital blanket. I was so excited about the"normal" blankets I brought to the hospital for photos that I forget to swaddled up her like Lucy (left) and Owen (right).
Oh well, you get the idea. It would have been the same picture but with more hair.
Here they are now. Three little munchkins.
Clara and I were hanging out in Lucy's room while Lucy and Owen played. And one at a time they left their toys to came over to play with us, which was so sweet. A wide-eyed newborn is more exciting than a dollhouse. And who can resist the soft yellow blanket? (compliments of Katy Dill. I'll share more on that later).

I guess I'll never have a red-headed baby or green-eyed brunette with ringlets.
But I'm happy with our carbon copy (and her non-CC personality).
Who will this little girl be?
Oh, and in case you need answers from Guess Who? above...
It's Clara, Owen, and Lucy (left to right)

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