Friday, April 13, 2012

skylights, series, Sees and stuff

Did you know neither of my older kids can say "S" properly?
It comes out quite nasaly and sounds more French than English.
They'd have a horrible time with this blog post title.
We're working on it.

And all day yesterday our internet was not working.
So today I'm sharing "stuff". Here are bits and pieces.....

• I'm judging three fun series right now:
Project Run and Play - Last week the Designers did a pattern remix on my Circle Skirt tutorial and I just love ISLY's circle TOP. Cute idea! And cute photo.

Spring Top Sewalong on Made by Rae is in its 3rd week and it's hard to narrow down only 5 favorites. If you haven't submitted a top, it's not too late to enter!

The Handmade Olympics at rik rak studio is open for voting! From a list of 35 nominees, I picked my top 10 "blogs with a handmade focus". So hop over to vote in all categories and see what the other judges like Design Mom and Sweet Paul picked as their top 10.

• Some of you asked about the Easter Egg photos of did I get her to stay still for all those outfit changes? Please don't think either of us have super human patience. I actually took the photos on 9 different days (I put her in a new onesie each morning and when she went down for her a nap, I snapped a pic).

• Some of you mentioned that the Deep Pockets pattern download wasn't working. Sorry about that. FIXED.

• Two things arrived in the mail on Friday:
I hope the mailman saw the humor as well.
In case you're wondering which I read first?
Here's a clue.

• I finally talked Casey into joining Pinterest, mostly so he and I could pin photos of our dream house. We have two short lists of "must haves" and "would be nice" (if we ever built our own home). On the list of MUSTS: lots of trims, moldings, natural light, and a skylight or two?.....
(archway and paintchipsbright room skylight in kitchendream home exterior)

• I need a new show. Any recommends?
Cranford is no replacement for Downton Abbey. September can't come soon enough, in that respect. In other respects.....

• Our town is exploding, literally exploding with butterflies! It's so cool. They're like houseflies these days. Of course I don't feel like swatting them. But I do feel like doing this again:
Have a wonderful day!

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