Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage Pearl

I'm not a big jewelry person.
I wear the same pair of small earrings (almost) every day.
I don't really love bracelets or watches because they get in the way.
And my necklace collection is rather small.

The one necklace I love most gets tons and tons of use---along with my boyfriend Tees.
But with Clara joining the family, it needed a little update....

This package showed up in the mail last week from The Vintage Pearl.
I absolutely love it!....even more than the one before and not just because of the new name addition. The necklace is a good weight, good quality, and the chain is the perfect length (16 inches). Seriously I love this necklace.
If you're not familiar with The Vintage Pearl it really is a lovely shop. The silver is gorgeous but mostly I just love the simple designs. And I love being able to customize and simplify even further for my own flavor. Fabulous. These photos below only skim the surface of what's available. There are so many styles to choose from.
And....I just realized that we may need to update the necklace we got Lucy for her birthday last year too.
But it's so stinking cute.
I guess we can squish a "Clara" on there somewhere.
Because this is more like it.
My three munchkins:But enough rambling.
Want to spend an hour browsing the Vintage Pearl shop....with free money?
Today we're giving away TWO $50 Gift Certificates to the shop.

Here you go....
Giveaway Rules:
• Leave a comment, that's it!
• Only One entry per person.
• If you forget something and need to leave a second comment, go back and DELETE your first comment.
• Open to anyone in the world!
• TWO winners will be picked via
Giveaway ends Saturday 4/7/12 at 11pm (Central Time).
Winner will be announced on Sunday.

Good luck!

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