Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the Pompadour

....just keeps getting bigger.
Mostly, I'm not sure how else to do her hair.   After a bath, I comb the back hair down and the front hair into the middle so she gets a real nice wave.
 It seems to work.
 And it's starting to look like this guy.
 Maybe I should make Clara a girly one of these.
I made some extras last year for Casey and my brother Eric.  Maybe a pink onesie with orange Coney?  Hmmm.
 I guess if she's looking like Conan, then she also looks like the President of Finland?
 Or maybe it's more like this guy....
 Or this?
 (her middle name is Rose).
 Maybe she just looks like herself. 
It really is strange having a child with different hair color than my other kids.  I've always wanted that.  And now that we have that I look at her and wonder where she came from.  Of course her face has total family resemblance.  She's just got a cherry on top.

We sure love our Conan-ita.

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