Monday, June 18, 2012

TUTORIAL: Fridge Magnet Cups

I honestly don't know why these aren't mass produced in stores.
Maybe they are?
I just don't know about them?
But if my friend Katherine could bank on the idea, she'd totally be rich.

She was tired of her girls asking for a drink of water every two seconds and pulling new cups out of the cupboard. So she thought...why not make cups that stick on the fridge?  They can grab a cup, get their own water, then stick it back in the same spot.

Then she told me about it.  And I asked if I could share the project with you guys, since our kitchen definitely needed FMCs (fridge magnet cups. too much? okay).
Here's what you do:
A few notes and pointers:
• Always take precaution when using magnets around kids. I've seen too many stories on the news about kids swallowing magnets....which is why I went with these larger ones. 
• If you're worried about kids prying the magnets off, you might try Super Glue instead of hot glue.  BUT, I did a test and tried to pry off one of the dried magnets (okay, I was really trying to fix a misplaced magnet. It's true)....and it was really hard to get off.  I had to use a butter knife and applied a lot of pressure to pop that thing off.  So I'm not worried about that at all.
• Katherine glued her magnets to the bottom of the cups.  She used tiny magnets and sealed them completely in hot glue so the kids can't pick at them at all.  Do whatever works for you.
• I found that two magnets work better on these cups since the sides are angled.
• Allow about 10 minutes for the glue to dry/cool completely before sticking them on the fridge.
• I've only hand-washed the magnet cups but I assume you could run them through the dishwasher. 

And that's it!
 Our kitchen feels complete.

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