Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Shirts

When it comes to kids clothes, I'm kind of a "one or the other" sewer.  Either I sew a shirt and buy the shorts...or sew a skirt and buy the shirt....or buy a onesie and paint on top.  Okay that's not sewing.  But you know what I's nice to maximize creative time by purchasing some things and throwing one handmade item in the mix (similar to our discussion here)

So I pulled thrifted T-shirts from my stash on Saturday and made Owen new summer shirts.
I used the 90 minute shirt tutorial and created my own pattern. 

But since I haven't used that pattern in over a year it needed some tweaking.  
 It worked!
 Actually, the neck on the first shirt was a little wide (but I sort of like the boat neck).
So I redrew the pattern neckline and shoulders to make it smaller.  Little improvements.
I wonder if he's too old for an envelope Tee.  Maybe it's too little boy for him?  I mean, look how much he's grown in the last 2 1/2 years!
 I guess if he still likes riding this itty bitty bike though, the 90 minute shirt works.  
Owen does have a real bike in the garage but he really loves this thing!   He can zoom around so fast.
So there you go. 

$5 shorts from Target.
$2 shirts from me.

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