Monday, June 18, 2012

time to gram

or should I say "time to IG"?
or hello insta?
I don't know the lingo.
But I do know that I'm loving Instagram.
And yes, I'm 2 years late to the party.  Better late than never?

You see, I was flipping through really old pics on my phone the other day and could not understand why I took this random picture of the Old Navy manequins.  Odd.
Then I looked closer and saw my little blond boy posing next to them and remembered.....ah, yes!  We were leaving the store and I looked back to find him here:
He's kind of creepy-perfect up there.
And I decided I needed a medium to share dumb stuff like this.
But, (cough cough) I didn't really understand what Instagram was until a week ago.  Doi.

I thought it was just a clever way to put filters on your iPhone pics.
But what?
In an instant you can share your photos in a social media feed?
And check out photos from your friends?
And now, all those pics that have been piling up on my phone have an outlet?

I'm on Instagram.
Come find me!

Two ways to follow my feed:
@danawillard on Instagram
@danawillard on Twitter

I'm just getting started but here's a taste...
And if anyone's curious what that pile of black mess must come over to find out.  It will surprise and disgust you at the same time.  I still have a hard time looking at it....and taking my eyes off of it.

See ya in an insta!
(I promise I'll get cooler at this)

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