Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the key to taking photos


One of the most common emails I get is:
Can you share tips for taking good photos?

Now while I find it totally flattering, I admit that I'm not a professional. I love photography, I love taking pictures, and I'm always trying to improve and learn more (you can read more about my photography and equipment here).

But when it comes to the real ins and outs of photography, I thought it would be best to ask a real expert. Someone just like you and me--a mom of two kids--who also happens to take amazing photos--and who's just written an e-book all about. It's Katie Evans! And her new book is called The Key To Taking Pictures like a Professional Photographer.
This book was made for you (and me!) and today we're giving away FIVE copies!
Here's why you'll like it.....

It seems that everyone and their mom has an SLR camera these days....which is great!
But simply having a nice camera doesn't mean your photos are going to be fabulous.
And vice versa.
Just because you have a point-and-shoot camera, doesn't mean you can't take cool pics as well. Understanding some basic and advanced methods of photography will easily transform your photos into beautiful images.

And that's what I love about this book: the basics mixed with nitty gritty details.

Katie walks you through Lighting, Composition, how to achieve proper exposure, Lenses, Editing, how to think and see creatively, and so much more. And she writes it in a way that's easy to follow and understand.
Sounds simple right?
With her well written explanations and info, it is. She even shows good and bad photo examples, which I love.

Here's a sample from the 64 page pdf book:
And here are Katie's credentials. My favorite images from her photo site.
She has a talent, right?!
I'm lucky to know her.
And you're lucky now to know her too! for a few reasons....

* First, we're giving away FIVE copies of the e-book today!
* Second, you can purchase the book at a $2 discount for the next two weeks (ends Friday May 13th). Just enter "MADE" at checkout.
* Third, you never need to be scared to really use your nice camera. Now you have a fabulous book right at your fingertips! You can purchase The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer HERE.

Okay, here you go....
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Winner will be announced on Sunday.

Have a great Thursday!
(all photos courtesy of Katie Evans Photography)

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