Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TUTORIAL: hanging heart charms

To celebrate the 100th day of school, Lucy's class was asked to bring in 100 of something...100 marbles, 100 noodles, 100 whatever. So she and I cut out and decorated 100 handmade paper hearts.
And aside from how cute little hearts are, we were dazzled by the leftovers. I loved the strips of cut-out hearts....they looked like little lanterns or wind chimes. They were destined to become Valentines decor.
So we hung them.
and now they're charming our living room.
They'd also be pretty hung in front of a window or strung on a garland.
It's pretty self-explanatory. No tracing, just free-hand cutting.
Here's what you do....
Then let the kids go crazy and explore the space.
They totally loved the heart attack and then created a game....try to walk back and forth without touching any of the hearts. Pretty impossible but really fun to watch.
1 project; 2 outcomes.
Hearts for school:
Hearts for home:
I heart hotpink toenails:
and a little gif "dancing".
(sorry if the movement makes you sick. Maybe I should slow them down).
O7dR32 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
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