Wednesday, January 25, 2012

tackling fabric and false alarm

Last night at 9pm I thought my water had broken.
I know that sounds silly for someone on her 3rd child. But I've never gone into labor naturally before. So I'm (sheepishly) not sure what to expect.....other than, watery mess on the floor = broken water + time to go to the hospital.
So I shuffled the kids off to a friend's house and another friend took me to the hospital because, well, Casey was in Chicago.
I know. We have gambled too many times.
He's on his way home right now and we're both staying put from here on out.
After a few hours at the hospital.....false alarm.
Baby is good but very ready, very low, and things are in motion.
Just need to wait a bit longer.
Which was great news since I'd like Casey to be there for our child's birth. Plus yesterday I pulled everything out of the kid's closets to sort, clean, donate, toss out, etc. So our house is a disaster. Need to get that cleaned up.

And really I'm glad I have an extra day because I need to tackle a couple projects from this stack of fabrics (purchased at the LA fabric district last month). Is this not the cutest ruffle fabric you've seen? I'm picturing a tiny summer dress....(of course that one can wait)
I do need to make a few receiving blankets though. And my goal was to stockpile a baby projects to share with you in the weeks after birth. We'll see....

How about this metallic silver linen? Gorgeous. From my favorite spot Carmel Fabrics in the Fabric District.
I was 2 weeks early with Lucy; 3 weeks with Owen. Guess this one's following suit.
Off to sew!

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