Tuesday, January 10, 2012

slovly artwork

that I made for Lucy?
Well in the mail a month ago, a sweet package arrived.
From Slovly.
A handpainted image of Lucy and Owen in their Put Me In the Zoo outfits.
How completely sweet, endearing, and totally thoughtful. I absolutely love it. And the resemblances are right on. Thank you Sabrina!! You made my day, my month, my next 3 months!
What an interesting chain of creativity. I was inspired by the book to sew clothing; Sabrina was inspired by my clothing to paint art. Inspiration hits us in such different ways.
So, with giving in the air, I asked Sabrina if we could host a giveaway of some of her prints. Here's a Slovy Christmas gift for you! Click HERE to enter the Giveaway.

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