Tuesday, January 10, 2012

simple love cards

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I wasn't home even an hour from our 3-week Christmas vacation when I started sewing. I really didn't plan to do it. I'm not that obsessed, I promise. But I was in charge of a church activity that night for the 8-11 year old girls and we were learning about Thank You cards. So, I had one hour to either run to Target and buy cards, or....I could just make them! So I kept it simple. Because I often think that's the way love is.
A "try and wow me"/expensive card with only a signature inside feels forced. But a handmade card with meaningful words inside saying Thank you, I loved the _____ gift, I'm truly blessed to have you as my friend means so much more.

So here's what I did.
If you haven't noticed by now, I often use this hemp-colored cardstock for many of my projects. I bought a whole ream of it for Christmas cards one year. So, I've got a lot of it hanging around. And I purchased tons of plain white envelopes from kelly paper for the same project (so those come in handy too!) So, create your own cards by cutting and folding a piece of cardstock in half. Pick out some cute fabrics and start sewing!
Some cards are basic with a simple heart. Some have a white background,
And this card was a play on the Quilted Notecard. I'd say this heart is bound.
You can find the Quilted Notecard Tutorial in the Tutorials tab at the top, or by clicking the button below:
And here's where you come in! It's more fun to give away the things I make, than to watch piles form in my sewing room. So, I'm giving away this little set of 4 cards. It's not much. It's pretty simple. But hey, why not? Love is in the air!
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And that's it!

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