Friday, August 3, 2012

5 months = gold medal baby

I am so in love with this little girl.
Did I win the lottery?
She is the best baby ever. For sure a gold medal.
So far at least (we'll talk in a few months when she's mobile).
Clara is just a happy girl!
She puts up with the not-so-gentle hugs.
She doesn't mind being dragged around from place to place.
And left to fend for herself at times.

Mostly she just chills and smiles when you look at her and slobbers on everything her chubby little fingers can hold.
...and she makes the best faces (photo via Instagram. If you need a baby fix, there's usually a daily pic of her in my feed. @danawillard)
The biggest change this month is the hair color. It's still strawberry but more blonde is showing through. And in the right light looks golden.
Here's the 5 month comparison:
6 months is coming up in just a week. Yikes. Our summer trip put me behind.
So....more baby pics coming soon.
Have a great weekend!

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