Friday, August 24, 2012

6 months old

This little girl is growing up.
We're at the 6 month mark!
And she's totally changing.
She's no longer a quiet slug. She loves to move, wiggle, shift her head from side to side as the kids run circles around her. And she even loves to shriek, and drool of course. I love it all (except being the human jungle gym).
The two biggest changes this month...

• She can roll to her tummy, push up, and then gets stuck. Gotta teach her how to roll back. She seems pretty happy about it though.
• Her hair has fallen out in the back. Boo. But she's got a fabulous combover in the front.
I could tell the hair was thinning but couldn't see the real change till I looked at these photos, just one month apart. Bye Bye pretty baby hair. We look forward to new toddler hair.
Clara is still a very happy girl. She's starting to share her opinion and has her fussy times (can those teeth come in already?) But really, she still does a lot of this:
Here's the 6 month comparison:
Have a great weekend!

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