Monday, August 20, 2012

baby blues

I absolutely love a little girl in blue. But I quickly learned when Lucy was a baby (and bald) that if she was wearing blue I'd have to field the "how old is he?" questions. Come to think of it, I got those when she was wearing pink...and butterflies too.
I've hung on to this soft blue peasant blouse from BabyStyle hoping baby Clara could try it out. It's fits her perfectly right now.
And matches all that bias tape I made the other day.
Oooo. Project!
I followed the normal steps for the Simple Skirt (love how little fabric it takes for a baby version). This time around I sewed my hem first. I wanted to make sure everything was straight and horizontal when I sewed the bias tape in place.
Then I took my bias tape and used it like a trim, sewing stripes to my fabric.
NOTE: Single fold tape will make your skirt less bulky. But all I had was double-fold.
And there we go. A cute bias tape Mini to go with the blouse.
I sort of forgot that babies often don't stand straight and keep those knees bent. I should have added more width to the skirt, making it fuller.
So....the skirt is a work-in-progress (I've already started another one).
But it works.
Definitely a girl.
No matter where I put that camera, she finds me.

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