Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 months old

Time for the monthly update. Guess who's sitting up? And loves it! Such a new perspective on life (and ability to reach for toys). Oh Clara. I love, love, love this little girl! I loved my other babies too. But I'm enjoying this one even more (since she's probably our last)....rubbing my hands in those leg folds, smooching the squishy cheeks, letting her climb all over me and trying not to mind. The other day Lucy and I grabbed a onesie from her room and smelled it, just to get a dosage of Clara while she was taking a nap. How ridiculous is that? But you see what I'm dealing with?Happy girl. And hitting all the normal milestones. Chewing everything in sight? Check.Old man combover? Check.Chubby cheeks? Double check.And guess what else happened this month? First tooth! She's been running her tongue over it for weeks, trying to understand life. There's a little peek.... Just a bud so far. It makes me a bit sad that the toothy grin will be gone forever. But then I remember how freaking cute they look with a tooth duet on the bottom. Now I can't wait for the other one to break surface as well. Since I'm always talking about what a good girl she is, it's only fair to mention that YES she is human. She gets cranky, frustrated, flails, cries (but still looks so cute doing it).And typically she's back to this again.....coerced to smile for Instagram photos (find me at danamadeit) We're truly blessed to have a sweet baby. Please don't grow up too fast (but get working on that 2nd tooth. Thank you)Here's the 7 month comparison! Check out the other months here:
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