Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a buncha stuff

Just a grab-bag of things to share....  

• Thank you for your input on the kid photos last week!  I appreciate that 3rd party perspective.
I've already purchased the canvases from Paper Coterie (they were having a huge sale so I bought two canvases)...and they're here!
I chose one photo I haven't shared yet: me and the kids at the lake, maybe to hang above the chair? (read about the china cabinet and chair here. And the rollie pollie here)

As for the kid picture, I went with photo #1.  It was my favorite.   I may hang it in the studio where you can still see it from the front room but not sure yet.  Decisions....
• Update on my poor camera Well.  I put it in the rice for a week.  I turned it on.  And screamed with joy!....it worked!  But, only 90% worked.  The aperture settings were wonky and the lens wouldn't talk to the camera.  Error messages.  So it's currently at the Canon warehouse, awaiting repair evaluations.  The future is potentially bright. But let me say this:
I. Miss. My. Camera!

iPhone has been a good fill-in.  In fact, I did the entire Red Dress photos yesterday with my phone!  So we're having make-it-work kind of moments.  And friends have let me borrow their cameras here and there (book signing night, etc).  Yay!

But on too less boring conversations.  Here's what we've been up to....

• I bought these tangerine lamps last month.  And a friend gifted me a cute tote.  I'm loving both.
• Then look what I scored at Forever 21!  Colored blocked tote with a pleather bottom.  I may have to try that.
• And I definitely needed more colorful skinnies while I was there too.
• The kids have gone nutso with Perler Beads.....like obsessed.  This is only 1/4 of their collection.  The self-portrait Owen and "Stewie Darth Vader" are my favs.
• Our pretty garden much died when we traveled this summer.  But cute chairs make it all better, right?
• Bought this thrifted pillowcase for a project and Lucy snatched it up saying it was the prettiest thing she'd ever seen.  Reminds me of tulip fields in Holland.
• Little piglet continues to melt our hearts.  She's such a doll (update soon!)

• Been sewing tons of garlands for friends with birthdays, babies, and family losses. My favorite fast project
• Owen's favorite Texas shirt is so short it needs to retire. But he just can't resist.  It's his soft woobie.
• Been doing some fall baking (in 90 degree weather). Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting? 
• And of course I'm always instagramming up a storm.  Follow me at danamadeit.

Hope you're having a good Tuesday!
See you tomorrow.

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