Tuesday, September 11, 2012

kid pics

I'm so bad at hanging artwork in our home.
To be honest, I kind of like the walls bare because it feels breathable....and makes for simple photo backdrops.
But it's time my friends.
Time to "finish" the home....so I can actually share it with you! (along with that, ahem, sewing room I painted neon yellow last year. Eesh)

So I took some pics of the kids last month. And I need to pick one photo of them. Just one pic I can blow up to a large canvas or frame on the wall.

And I'd love your input!

Of course I have my two favorites. Or I could make a small series of 2 or 3 shots.
Okay I'll stop rambling.
Let me know which group photo you like best (note the small photo numbers in the group shots)...

and a few less usable but real moments.....
I love those munchkins!

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