Friday, September 21, 2012

Tired of baby losing her binky?  Making a pacifier clip is easy! 
And once you’ve made one, you’ll want to make 20. They’re the perfect accessory for any baby shower gift.  The clip easily attaches to a carseat, shirt, or stroller.
And the pacifier pops right into baby’s mouth.
Life just got a whole lot better.
Let's get started!

You can easily make pacifier clips using existing ribbon, twill tape, or canvas trim.
But today we're using fabric and we'll show you two methods: with a Serger and with a standard machine.  * Don't fret if you don't have a serger! Both ways look cute and tidy.

• Rectangle of fabric cut to size 14 x 2 1/2 inches (14 x 2 1/4 inches if using a serger).
Cottons work best – simple cotton, seersucker, corduroy, denim, etc. 
14 x 1 1/8 inch rectangle of interfacing (sew-in type, standard to lightweight, nothing too heavy.  Iron-on adhesive can be used but you'll need to improvise the cutting/ironing steps a bit)
• Small piece of velcro  
• Suspender/mitten clips (like these)
--Even if you plan to use your standard machine, read these instructions first--

• Cut fabric and interfacing rectangles. If you’re using a heavier cotton or corduroy, omit the interfacing. It simply adds thickness and strength to your fabric part of the pacifier clip.

• Your fabric rectangle should be 14 x 2 1/4 inches. It will eventually be folded in half to make a 14 x 1 inch long ribbon. The interfacing is half that width and will only be a single layer.

Now, instead of cutting the interfacing piece separately, Ive found that this is the easiest method...
First cut your fabric rectangle.  Then cut an interfacing rectangle larger than the size needed.   Fold/iron the fabric in half, sandwich the interfacing inside, then trim the excess interfacing from the edge of the fabric.
Now you have a fabric sandwich with a single layer of interfacing inside.  Perfecto.

• Place your serger on a "roll hem".  If you've never done one it's very easy!  Look in your manual for the settings.
• Serge down all four sides of the fabric with the roll hem, trim the tails, and dab a bit of fray check on the corners to keep them from unraveling.
• Separate your piece of velcro and sew one part to the end of the fabric.  Then sew the other part about 3 inches down (wide enough to hold a pacifier inside when folded and velcro'd together.)
NOTE: You will see the bobbin stitching on the outside of the fabric, so use a thread color that blends in.
Now attach the suspender clip.
• Thread/loop one clip through the other fabric end (the end without the velcro).
• Fold it over about 1 inch and sew the end in place.
• Cut your fabric and interfacing as we did above, only cut your fabric the size of 14 x 2 1/2 inches.  In my photos below, I actually chose to use two different fabrics, so instead of one large rectangle of fabric, I cut two skinnier ones, sewed them together, then ironed the seam flat. 
• Iron the long edges of the fabric under about 1/4 inch, lay your interfacing strip inside the folded edges, fold the whole thing in half and use your machine to sew around all 4 sides, about 1/8 inches from the edges.
NOTE:  If you're using iron-on interfacing.....iron it to the fabric first, then iron the fabric edges under, enclosing the interfacing.
Finally, sew a tight zigzag stitch on the two ends of the fabric to finish them off.  Trim the excess fabric.  Then continue with the steps above, sewing velcro and the suspender clip to the fabric.
And you've got some cute looking clips.
Now churn out 20 more and your gift pile is stocked!
NOTE: If you're having deja-vu-tutorial on this....yes!  I shared it two years ago on Sew Mama Sew but never shared it here on MADE.  So this is the new and improved (and consolidated) version. I've added it to the Celebrate Baby archives page as well.

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