Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Really fun weekend and really big bummer

For Labor Day we decided to get out of town. And anything within a 3 hour radius is sort of our style.
So Dallas it was!
We've been here a couple times before but as the kids get older the outings get way more fun.
I spy lunch:
(Fingers crossed that In-N-Out, H&M, Trader Joes, and Del Taco really are making their way to Austin).

Next, the DWA--Dallas World Aquarium.
This place was really cool. And thankfully after walking through once with the crowds, we walked back at closing time and had the entire place to ourselves. It was dreamy! And much better for taking pictures. DWA is like a rain forest zoo/aquarium and the kids really loved it.
(sea spaghetti)
The highlight (aside from the huge manatee) had to be the shark tunnel. Have you been to one of these before? They're so awesome.
And of course Lucy and I loved the Flamingos.
Trying to fit in....
I'm amazed when I make it in a photo!
Owen the goofball.We took the kids to Krispy Kreme one morning and watched donuts being made.
The glaze. The glaze! Casey and I enjoyed it as much as the kids.
We checked out the Frontiers of Flight Museum for Owen and Casey.
For the most part it was fun. But we wanted to actually sit in those cock pits!
And you couldn't. Boo.
Shamu planes are cool though.
And Clara was a wonderful passenger, tagging along wherever we went.
How pretty is that logo?
We made a stop at the LDS temple but the grounds were closed.
Next thing I knew, this was happening...
To cool off we found amazing treats at Greenwood Shaved Ice. Tiger's blood and Mango with vanilla ice cream on top and bottom?? We also had to try Pina Colada and a Root Beer cup. And of course everyone had to try everything.
Then we made one final (and slightly tragic) stop at our favorite fountain/statue/sculpture...the Mustangs of Las Colinas in Irving. It's absolutely gorgeous and so serene. Perfect for sitting and eating treats.
The kids were so hot they kept asking if they could swim in the water....which we politely said no and explained the difference between fountains, art, and swimming pools. But then 5 minutes after taking Clara out of the stroller I heard the kids yelling, "Mom! Look!" and I turned back to find the entire stroller, my purse, and (ugh) my camera floating in the water. The ground near the water has a slight decline and I guess it just sort of rolled in (um, use brakes next time). Casey and I ran to scoop it out but it was too late for my camera. It was pretty loaded with water.
Ma-jor. Bum-Mer.
I'm thankful Clara wasn't in the stroller when it rolled in.
But thanks to Instagram friends, many of you recommended I put the camera in a container with white rice to dry it out, which I've been doing for two days now. And though I'm skeptical of how well it will work on a huge DSLR (compared to an iPhone) I'll be patient and see what happens.
Or I'll be buying a new camera.

And on a brighter note...
On the drive back to Austin Casey introduced me to his favorite Czech Stop Bakery about 15 mins north of Waco. It was crazy inside and totally worth it. Delish!
(check out our new family body guard)
And the final moments of the holiday weekend were spent cutting grass, washing cars, playing on grass, and conquering the diving board.
Overall a fun filled time.
Hope you had a good one too!
And that your camera did not go swimming....

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