Thursday, March 8, 2012

1 month

Only 1 month old and she already knows how to Robocop.
That's my girl.

Seriously. It's been a month since I had a baby? What??
I guess it feels like a month.
And then it doesn't.
And then I look back at hospital pics and realize how much Clara has already changed.
She's more alert at times but also more fussy.
Her crusty cord fell off revealing her tiny belly button.
She continues to sleep great at night. She went for 6 hours last night! Her new record!
She only likes the car seat when the car is moving (I forgot babies can be like that)
Overall, she's still a cute little thing and a fairly good baby.

Of course a girl can only "sit up" for so long.
And then it's time for another nap.
Life is exhausting.

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