Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Or gringo?

With St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, I'm getting out the green.
And "gringo" is sorta how I feel about it at times.
(Shamrock image)
I'm a girl who loves celebrating holidays as much as the next person. I look forward to the revolving holiday candy aisle at Target (and I definitely buy peanut butter cups in every new foil color, cause that's the only way to guarantee freshness).
But sometimes I laugh at myself when I get excited about holidays that aren't really "ours", or mine at least. Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick's Day, Chinese New Year, are there others?

And I feel a bit like a gringo (....or white girl poser) for creating caricature of a culture, and making shamrock's from split peas and rainbow cupcakes. Am I celebrating green? Am I celebrating Leprechauns? Gold? Lucky Charms cereal?
You know, I'm not even sure what St. Patrick's Day is all about.
Time for Wikipedia.
(Ah, it's a bit deeper than I thought).
But overall I think it's a day to have fun, eat good food, drink good drinks, and to pinch non-green-wearing spectators.
We can turn our houses green for a day in March.
Then here's a roundup of green projects and St. Patrick's Day inspiration...

TOP: Leprechaun Beard, two beautiful photos by Gordana AM--Luck of Summer Rain and This Morning We Caught A Rainbow
MIDDLE: Lucky gold rocks, Shamrock Pizza Squares, Pot 'O Gold bags
BOTTOM: Mini Pot of Gold favors, gold clover baby hat, scrap paper rainbows

Creme de Menthe Brownies by How Sweet it is • cupcakes from Owen's Rainbow birthday
Shamrocks and Gold sugar cookiesKiwi Upside Down CakesCoconut-Lime Scones
Mini mint homemade milkshakes---mix them with a spoon.
And just a golden afternoon photo of Lucy, two years ago on St. Patrick's Day.
Her hair was so long.
Happy early St. Patrick's Day to any true Irish out there (and any wannabe's like me)

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