Thursday, March 1, 2012

I had such high hopes

There's a quaint restaurant in Salt Lake City called Ruth's Diner with amazing buttermilk biscuits, outdoor garden seating, and yummy banana bread french toast. I'd sort of forgotten about that french toast until I saw this post the other day. And I thought, I really should make that.

I love banana bread.
I love french toast.
What could be better?
So I started with my favorite Coconut Lime Banana Bread (per Owen's request. He's a banana bread groupie)

And before he and Casey had time to devour it all, I saved a few slices, whipped up an egg/milk/vanilla mixture, dunked the slices, and fried them up.
Then I drizzled the banana french toast with a bit of caramel because....well, coconut, lime, bananas, and caramel sound tropically delicious. Yea?
I topped it with whipped cream and took a bite.
And decided.....
It was just okay.

I mean, it was yummy.
But it I'm not sure it was worth the extra calories and effort.
I really wanted it to be amazing.

Perhaps it was user error.
I think it would work better with banana bread that was overcooked or slightly dried out. The banana bread I used is very moist, so it felt waterlogged from dipping in the milk/egg mixture.

And I used lowfat milk in my recipe, rather than half and half or real cream.
So maybe it needs a rework.
Or maybe I just need to hit up Ruth's Diner again to get my fill.

And at the end of it all I've decided:
Warm banana bread on its own with a dab of butter is best!
Why go over the top when simplicity is heavenly?
Have a great weekend!

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