Friday, March 16, 2012

through the mirror

Not a lot of blogging this week. We've been on spring break and I forgot what it was like to have all the kids at home. We made it out to the zoo, Ikea, the park, Target, and Old McDonalds for ice cream sundaes. And little Clara's been toted along with us. The life of a third child....which funny enough, is where I fall in my family too. We've got a lot in common.

Casey snapped these photos of us in the mirror yesterday. Nothing spectacular but they reflect the perfect slice of life over here: busy morning, holding the baby, trying to get a conversation in with Casey while the other kids play and he shaves. Just juggling the noise and the chaos that has become the new norm.
It's a good norm.
And makes me smile to think how busy life seemed was when this was the norm, 3 years ago:
It's always busy when there are little kids in the house (or our very yellow bathroom in Pasadena).
So today we're just hanging out, looking in the mirror, and learning the ropes.
We'll chat more next week.

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