Friday, October 26, 2012

8 months old

Well. Little Clara is not so little any more. 8 months old! And showing more personality every day.
I love when a baby starts to "tease" and and be playful.   And since she's the most ticklish baby I've had, we all love making her laugh.

She's still such a pleasant baby....wiggly and all over the place but totally happy as she's doing it.  She's a champ at sitting up.  Sometimes I even hear her at 4am, just sitting and smiling in her crib, which we've gotta do something about that (the 4am thing, not the happy)
She's soooo close to crawling.  She's perfected the army crawl, dragging herself around the living room.  And she can sit and scoot, sit and scoot.  So one of these days it'll all click.
Probably the biggest milestone this month is that she EATS!
I first introduced baby food when she was six months old and it was a disaster.  She wasn't ready, I am never ready (I hate teaching babies to eat), and so we took a two month break.  And that made all the difference.  Now she gobbles it on up!
If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face?  Uh. Maybe.
She still has the fabulous old man combover but the back is really filling in.  In a few months it might look more normal.
And guess what??  TWO teeth!
I love this look!  Especially when Clara gives a signature silly stare. 
Okay here's the 8 month comparison:
Have a great weekend!

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