Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Banana Boy baby gift

Our friend had a baby boy recently so I made the little monkey a gift, using 4 tutorials:

There's a basic pair of Kid Pants, sized down to fit a 1-year old and made from cotton houndstooth.
A little pacifier clip:
And a hobo sack to hold it all (and future toys).  I used plain muslin for the bag, knit fabric scraps for the drawstrings, and the Warhol banana was a left over from the Warhol Dress I made almost 2 years ago!  Talk about holding on to stuff....
When I originally cut out the stencil for the dress, I kept the leftover pieces and made an inverse banana on a scrap piece of brown fabric. I also cut out a large square to go around the banana, then painted the whole thing with yellow paint.  Never throw out your freezer paper leftovers!
Then I wrapped up the gift, attached a Curious George card and it was ready to go.
Welcome to the jungle baby.

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